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Matching Stars is a action packed match-3 puzzle game where you are the captain of you own starship, on a mission to defend the outer colonies of the Terra Empire. The gameplay follows largely other match-3 games, but with a twist. You will match different station signs and with them turn the tide of battle, prioritize which opponent you want to destroy first, or release a giant charged laser to wipe all of their little fighter apart. Have a giant charged attack coming your way? Raise your shields up and prepare for impact. Have a small lull in the fight, send your men to repair the ship. Whatever it takes to wipe the xenon threat from your borders. You are the only hope for millions of innocent colonists, good luck captain.

  • Match-3 Puzzles
  • Combat
  • Several Difficult Levels
  • Bosses

Matching Stars is free software, released under the GNU General Public License version 3. The source code is available as a separate download and in the official Git repository at https://gitlab.com/Partanen/MatchingStars .

Install instructions

Download the .apk file and run it on your phone. Android version 4.4 or greater is required and OpenGL ES 2.0 needs to be supported.


MatchingStars.apk 79 MB
Source code and assets 60 MB

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